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“My career path has been so unconventional, it’s been challenging to find a way to talk about the common threads that tie my experiences together. Exploring the history and lessons of Chiron in the context of a purposeful career made it clear.” – JME

“It’s a helpful reading that reverberates through out your life” – KW

“I felt permission to stop judging myself for my confusion, and to feel more kindly toward my questions and struggles” – LS

“Getting a Chiron consultation means learning where you are most unique and what gifts you have to share with the world” – FD

“I’ve had many readings over the years, but Aubrie zeroed in on an important aspect that every other astrologer overlooked – Chiron. This has proved to be a major key in helping me navigate the swiftly shifting sands in my professional life.” – JN

“I took away amplified gratitude for everything I have in my life, and that with a little extra responsibility and focus, I can create and pursue my creative career goals.” – H, Portland

“A Chiron consultation will help you get to the core of the issue you just can’t seem to shake” – ER

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